Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meningitis Vaccine Problem

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) claims, the producers of meningitis vaccine (meningitis layer brain) for the Hajj, material from bovine (cow) and swine (pig) alias free animal was only sheer fabrication. GSK in the presentation in front of a number of institutions revealed that meningitis vaccine made still using the pig enzyme. This vaccination story actually have going on for long time but to overcome this problem need creativity of scientist to create for new kind of vaccine.

Kiai Umar asserted, because the enzyme has been in contact with pigs, MUI actually states that the status of the vaccine is haram (not allowed) to be use for Moslem.

For those reason MUI (Indonesian Moslem Association) decide the status of emergency for the meningitis vaccine. Section, he said, although the enzyme has been in contact with pigs, meningitis vaccine is required of Muslims to fulfill the Hajj and `Umrah to the Holy Land, Mecca.

For this condition, this is still open for meningitis vaccine producers of other types of meningitis can supply the needs of Indonesia of that vaccine, which needs very large amount annually. Not just Indonesia will need that vaccine but many other country also will use like, India, Iran, Turkey and Malaysia.

For every pilgrimage conditions should have meningitis vaccination, as they can go enter to Arab country. If they don’t use a meningitis vaccines, they will obligate to enter this country.

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