Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cancer Vaccines

Some cancer diseases that causes by viruses have vaccine like cervical cancer and liver cancer. Traditional vaccine against those kind of viruses like HPV vaccine and Hepatitis B vaccine, that will prevent from those cancers. Scientists have tried to develop vaccines against existing cancers, even though they are believe that cancer cell routinely arise and are destroyed by the health immune system.This immune system called as natural immunity.Every body have natural immunity but this natural immunity can be generated by stimulate the immune system that forced them to build certain immunization. The technology that develop this immune system is specialized study in immunology.

Therapeutic cancer vaccines are being developed for the treatment of breast, lung, colon, skin, kidney, prostate and other kind cancers. Another approach to therapeutic anti-cancer vaccination is to generate the immune response in situ the patient.

Most of cancer vaccines in development are addressing specific cancer types and are therapeutic vaccines.

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