Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bird Flu Vaccine

Influenza that came from avian is called as Avian Flu or Bird Flu still seen as having the potential to infect the entire human species. This bird flu is caused by H5N1 virus. This virus can mutate and become contagious and spread from one human to another. This will create a global pandemic and since we are not prepared to deal with it, it is a matter of concern for us all.

Until now, there is no known cure for the bird flu virus and that means that everyone is under constant threat. More recently, there have been some discussions on the use of annual flu vaccines. Scientists are worried that this constant exposure to the flu vaccine is weakening the natural human immune system to ward off infections and thereby putting everyone at greater risk of getting flu. Actually human have resist to this viruses last time, but because of the immune system become weak and the virus become strong then human become infect by this viruses.

A strong immune system is the best defense against all forms of infections and leading doctors are clear on the fact that someone who has not got a weaker immune system because of annual vaccination stands a better chance of avoiding the flu naturally. Some doctors even say that the practice of annual vaccination creates a kind of dependence on the medication.

The vaccine is difficult to create for this influenza type because flu virus is constantly changing and that is why you need a new vaccine every year. The flu shot is only effective against one particular strain of virus and this is why it needs to be re-administered every year.

Flu shots also contain toxic substances like mercury that is related to Alzheimer’s and may also lead to mercury poisoning. There is a law indemnifying vaccine manufacturers even if their vaccine ends up killing the patient.

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