Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking For Vaccines

The combination of many vaccines like mumps, measles and rubella, which both the US government and Health authorities insist is completely safe for young children, has killed yet another child in European nation of Belgium. Eighty months old boy of Renaix, died recently after receive the MMR vaccine from  Kind and Gezin (K&G) family child health center.

This happen because the Young Xandro's still have recovering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a condition that causes respiratory track infection, when a doctor of K&G advised Xandro's parent to have MMR vaccination. Not long after Xandro receiving the vaccine, young Xandro reportedly suffer of cardiac arrest. And base on the timing of event, Xandro's parent said the causes of dead definitely by MMR vaccine.

Official of K&G quickly denied and accuse that the MMR vaccine was responsible for this incident, but they said would conduct through investigation. Xandro's parent are not buying a political accuses, he knows that Xandro better than anyone else, and it was quite obvious to them that the MMR vaccine tipped the boy over the edge. The vaccine basically kicked Xandro when he was down, this just to make warning of the hospital arrogances that often force to many patient to use some medicine in wrong time.

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