Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vaccines and Side Effect

Some vaccines can have side effect to the body. Some vaccines that use for example for sore arm and low grade fever. The list of some vaccines that already detected are listed and some recommended vaccines could be use is released by CDC's Vaccines Information Statement, that in turn are derifed from the Advisory Commitee or Immunization Practice (ACIP) that recommended of each vaccines.

Before you use of certain vaccine better you check first this list of vaccines recommendation that safe to use.

Lately there is illegal vaccines that sold in entire Jakarta, the sindicate produce imitate vaccine because of high price of vaccines. Illegal vaccines actually is not contain dangerous substance but they don't have effect to the body, even don't make the body stand to certain disease. Illegal vaccine just make wrong predicition to the body immune so that the child still have possibility attack with certain disease even already got vaccine with this disease.

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