Thursday, September 7, 2017

HIV Vaccines

On current situation we need special founding on medicine technology especially HIV vaccine. Unfortunately an HIV and AIDs vaccine does not yet exist, even effort to develop against HIV have bee done for several years. Since 1987 have more than 30 vaccines candidate have been tested but no result satisfied.

If HIV vaccine available, it's can save millions of lives. Experts have calculated that a vaccine is 50 percent effective given to just 30 percent of the population could reduce the number of HIV infection in the developing world by more than half over 15 years.

Protection system during sex that currently available just depend on the consent of both partners of using condom, and would not require behavior change. HIV vaccine would also be invaluable for couples wishing to conceive a child while minimizing the risk of HIV transmissions.

Children that exposed to HIV also more bigger year by year. New generation will threaten by the spreading of AIDS disease that currently more frighten to attack us.

Other Kind of Vaccines:

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